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I love when I find a blog so well written and interesting, I read hungrily from one post to the next. When I find myself laughing out loud at least once every post, if not multiple times, I know I am hooked. RSS feed please!

Imagine my surprise when I found this “entertaining” yet informative blog on WebMD! Completely unexpected -but thoroughly enjoyed…

That is the case for the well-written Family Webicine blog on WebMD written by WebMD Expert Rod Moser, PA, PhD.

Rod Moser, PA, PhD.


Mr. Moser’s bio reads:
“Rod Moser, PA, PhD, is a primary care physician assistant with more than 35 years of clinical experience in adult and pediatric health and practices full-time clinically in Northern California. He is on the clinical faculty with the department of family practice at the University of California-Davis.”

I was impressed by his nearly 40 years of experience in the medical field and his impressive entrepreneurial background – even founding the California Academy of Physician Assistants (CAPA) organization 30+ years ago out of his living room that now has thousands of members and operates on a $1 million dollar budget. Often when someone is so accomplished in their field, another area of life suffers. Perhaps they are brilliant in the workplace, but have no social skills or an arrogance that prevents pleasant social interaction (I have worked with a lot of world-renowned entrepreneurs, surgeons, and physicians like this).

I was delighted to discover there is much more to this well-educated and talented man than his vast experience in the medical field. He is a loving grandfather, spouse, care-giver to three dogs (including energetic puppies!), two cats, 12 chickens, and a 34 year old African Grey parrot, as well as a passionate traveler, and an involved community member. All of this with a kindness and laugh-out-loud sense of humor. How can I attest to this?

When I discovered this dynamic expert was located within an hour of my home, we set a coffee meeting to discuss his experience with the EarPopper.
I had initially discovered his WebMD Family Webicine blog reading about his personal experience with barotitis (ear pain associated with pressure changes) after a rapid descent on a flight.

Rod had blogged about his painful, deafening experience and how he was able to use the EarPopper to effectively equalize the pressure in his middle ear. On that flight he had experienced tinnitus, hearing loss, and pain. To read his full post about what led to his ear issues, visit his blog and this post.
Rod and I agreed the EarPopper is a great device to use when dealing with negative middle ear pressure and the symptoms associated with Eustachian Tube Dysfunction. We also agreed children as young as 3 or 4 would be able to effectively use the device.

I have enjoyed writing this EarPopper post and interacting with people from all over the world about the EarPopper. My almost 3 hour “coffee meeting” with WebMD expert Rod Moser was a great experience- and yes, he is just as funny in person (just ask those at Starbucks who may have noticed tears on my cheeks as I listened and laughed out loud at Rod’s many stories.)

The multi-talented Rod Moser is also the author of the book Ears: An Owner’s Manual. I am excited to read what I am sure will be an entertaining and informative book all about ears! Rod and his wife Lindsey, also a Physician’s Assistant, have led many classes teaching parents the importance of using an otoscope at home and educating them about being involved with the health of their child. I am grateful to work with the EarPopper device – one that Rod has recommended to those suffering from Eustachian Tube Dysfunction.

Ears: An Owner's Manual By Rod Moser, PA, PhD

Congratulations to Rod Moser, PA, PhD, Founder of CAPA, WebMD Expert, Author, and Entrepreneur, on his many accomplishments AND for remaining personable through them all.

WebMD is lucky to have you on board!

Rod Moser, PA, PhD.

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