Plugged Ears From Allergies? Try EarPopper!

by EarPopper

From sneezing to runny nose, itching to headaches and plugged ears – these allergies cause misery in many. As the body reacts to the pollen and dust swirling in the air, histamines release in the body. Histamines cause inflammation and tissue in the nasal passages and Eustachian tube (the little tube between the nose and middle ears) may swell.

This swollen tissue may then cause issues with our ears by preventing the Eustachian tube  from opening.

When this little tube doesn’t open to regulate middle ear pressure, a suction-like negative pressure may form in the middle ear cavity. 

As negative pressure builds, fluid from surrounding tissue may be pulled into the middle ear cavity. 

Fluid in the middle ear may cause pressure, pain, and hearing loss as well as provide a perfect place for bacteria to call home. 

So what started out as allergies, may then result in the perfect environment for an ear infection. 

The EarPopper is a tool allergy sufferers can use year after year to naturally open the Eustachian tube with air. 

EarPopper is a battery-operated device to open Eustachian Tubes and relieve negative pressure in the middle ear associated with allergies.

The purpose of using the EarPopper is to prevent or treat issues related to negative middle ear pressure

The EarPopper can be used every allergy season for years- and prevent the need for medication or ear tube surgery (to release the built up pressure and fluid in the middle ear). 

We can’t prevent the wind from blowing and the dust swirling as the seasons change – but we are able to help the little Eustachian Tube do its job and eliminate the hassle of plugged ears with the EarPopper

Many people suffer from ear issues caused by allergies. Just take a look at these “tweets” from Twitter. Allergies affect quality of life. Tell someone today about the EarPopper! 

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