Plugged Ears? Eustachian Tube Dysfunction? Welcome!

Plugged ears, otitis media with effusion, and Eustachian Tube Dysfunction affect quality of life and travel. This blog provides more information about how the EarPopper may be a “Product Worth Packing” for those who suffer from these ear issues.

My name is Anya Clowers and I am a nurse consultant in the travel industry. I professionally represent the EarPopper and strive to educate those who suffer from ear issues about this fantastic device. In 2007, I attended the American Academy of Pediatric Conference in San Francisco looking for products beneficial for those traveling with children. I was thrilled to find the EarPopper, a device that opens the Eustachian tubes with a gentle flow of air to relieve ear pressure in the middle ear.

Although the device has amazing, clinically-tested results in restoring hearing loss due to otitis media with effusion, I was more interested in the fact this little device could help the Eustachian tubes deal with changing air pressure when flying – eliminating the pain, fullness, and hearing loss when that ear just won’t “pop” during or after a flight!


A medical device for those clogged ears!

I went home from the AAP conference and wrote the following entry into my blog:

Almost 15 years ago as a Mayo Clinic nurse, I worked on a surgical unit specializing in ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) surgeries. I witnessed how even minor ENT issues can affect quality of life. When there are issues going on in your head, it’s difficult to not be distracted. Life and travel are affected! In the travel industry, I observed how quickly a medical issue can decrease the quality of travel if not prepared with the right “tools”.

I began to truly appreciate the EarPopper after witnessing several of my family and friends enjoy pain-free flying and even restored hearing loss! I wanted to tell people about this amazing device! In my various travel seminars (family travel, active senior travel, and business travel), I have shared news of the EarPopper with travelers of all ages.

For the past two years, I have encouraged Summit Medical to join the online conversation and reach out to those who suffer from “plugged ears” or pain and hearing loss associated with negative ear pressure. I am honored they have asked me to represent the EarPopper as they enter into social media and the world of blogs!

Join me on this online journey as I introduce the incredible EarPopper device  to travelers, pilots, flight attendants, scuba divers, physicians, nurse practitioners, and all those who suffer from negative middle ear pressure.

Welcome to the EarPopper blog!

~Anya Clowers, RN (EarPopperNurse)