Who Is EarPopperNurse?

You know when you discover something that really makes a difference in the quality of your life or those around you, and you excitedly call your friends and family to tell them about it?

This blog is my way of telling you about the EarPopper, a medical device that restored hearing for my friend (a pilot) and eliminated excruciating/annoying/distracting ear pain/fullness when flying for several other friends. My son, a frequent-flier-in-training has used the EarPopper device on flights all over the world (17 countries on 4 continents) to help relieve ear pressure, starting at the young age of 3! The video on the top right is my review of the EarPopper – with my son demonstrating successful use of the device.

My name is Anya Clowers and I am a registered nurse (former Mayo Clinic ENT surgical nurse), consultant, travel expert, speaker and creator of the site/travel seminar/book/blog “Jet With Kids”. I have included the EarPopper on my recommended travel packing list for years – and want to spread the word online about this amazing product!

Although I am not an employee of Summit Medical, Inc., they had asked me to be a consultant and join the online conversation as a representative of EarPopper from 2010 through part of 2011. Over the years, I have interacted online and in the travel industry with many people who I felt needed to hear about the EarPopper and how it could help to relieve negative ear pressure in the middle ear. Summit Medical appreciated true passion for their product – and asked me to join their team to help spread the word about the EarPopper!

Disclaimer: The views expressed on this blog are mine alone and do not necessarily represent the views of Summit Medical, Inc. or their employees. I do not guarantee the EarPopper will work for everyone. Any tips or suggestions regarding medical or health related issues should be discussed with your physician or medical care provider. Information was accurate when published.

Welcome to EarPopper Talk!


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